Subscription Terms

Subscription Automatic Renewal and Refund Policy 

Flip City Magazine subscriptions are an automatically renewing product. After your initial one-year term, your magazine subscription will automatically renew annually until you tell us to stop. You will receive an email reminder of the renewal in advance which includes a link to cancel online. Your method of payment will be charged at the time of purchase, and before the start of each new term, at the full price rate stated on your purchase confirmation email and in the renewal email. You can contact FLIP CITY by email or log in to your customer account to change your renewal status or cancel your subscription at any time.  

Automatically Renewing Subscription Refunds- It is the customer's responsibility to cancel a renewing subscription before the renewal date noted in the advance email. Refunds are available at the subscription renewal price minus a $10 administration fee if the refund is requested within 5 days of the renewal charge. Refunds must be requested in writing by emailing