The Critics are RAVING about Flip City Magazine

"Best Magazine Ever!"-Mike Filip, Americanuck Radio

"This reminds me so much of what MAD magazine used to be." -HPGWellscraft

"I normally hate, really hate, musicals. But, bravo." -Serendipity

"I'm reading each page like drinking good whiskey, taking it in. Enjoying the top notch and wonderful artistry of Flip City Mag!" -Rickin' Bad

"I bet you don't have 100 subscriptions even. Not with Qanon content and drawings by a 8 year old." -Chris

"Love your mag, anxiously awaiting the newest edition. I don't want to miss a single just keeps getting better with every issue." -Travis

"Your sense of humor is nonexistent." -@Belimora

"Mocking Woke Nonsense to a 10!!" -The SALTY CRACKER

"MAD Magazine on Steroids!" -WOKE SOCIETIES

"Absolute Brilliance
Fantastic Art Work
Great detail in dialog
Context is excellent."

"Got my FLIP CITY mags. Gonna make shitting even better!" -Steve W.

"Best damn magazine out there today. All my extra copies I have been leaving at the VA Doctors' offices. Thanks for an excellent magazine!" -Randall Hurd

"I'll be clear and concise so your tiny brain can understand. You and your magazine are not funny. Is that better?" -@cdsmith80

"Did you know that Flip City Mag is the most garbage website on the internet? A twelve year old could design a better looking website." -King Koopa Antifa

"I LOVE your magazine. It is funny, hits all the pertinent subjects spot on, and the graphics are amazing." -Stacy

"I very much enjoy your magazine. I have a feeling in the future they are going to be very valuable, as they are hilarious while speaking the truth during these chaotic times." -Mathew

"Skum. You have a trash magazine too." -Arquitetchinha

"I can think of so many ways to blow $19.99 that's actually way more worth it than a subscription to your rag."-Robert California

"Maybe you should be called 'Flop City' and match what probably happens in your pants." -@MsReResister

"Keep 'em  comin', boys! Each issue is a treasure! " -Bethany Brandon