What is Flip City?

Flip City is a comic satire magazine in the tradition of MAD before it went woke. Delivering loads of laughs directly to your door IN PRINT. Proudly anti-establishment and pro-humor, FLIP CITY couples world class art with seriously unserious writing to help readers flip loathing to laughter in just a flip of a page. Laugh while it's still legal! Read a complete digital edition FREE- CLICK HERE and visit our WEBSITE for more.

"Genuinely satirical, genuinely cutting but also funny and obviously chaotic and very fun."-James Corbett, CORBETT REPORT

  • Free Kyle

  • Issue 10 Cover

Free Kyle

Issue 10 Cover

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We’re here to fight for truth in the cultural, spiritual, and information wars that are currently raging. We provide the movement with new ways to transmit messages both to each other and into the public consciousness. If we are the army- then RISE is the uniform. Suit up.

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Hi there,  love your mag, anxiously awaiting the newest edition. I don't want to miss a single one, thanks so much for what you all do, keep up the great work,  it just keeps getting better with every issue.


Just got the 3 issues I ordered not long ago. I'm reading each page like drinking good Whiskey, taking it in. (I'm 39) MAD mag was always ok.   I Loved Cracked Mag (watch out Hunter) as well. I noticed ya'll mention both in Issue #1. Def. My favorite. Back in the 90s. Enjoying the Top Notch and Wonderful Artistry of Flip City Mag!!! 


I very much enjoy your magazine. I have a feeling in the future they are going to be very valuable. As they are hilarious while speaking the truth during these chaotic times.


Got my FLIP CITY MAGS. Gonna make shitting even better!

Steve W

I LOVE your magazine. It is funny, hits all the pertinent subjects spot on, and the graphics are amazing. Keep up the good work!


Loved the recent magazine and my name “Kathy” was on Crime And Punishment on Capitol Hill. Thank you for the shout out!!! I wanted to share your magazine so it was great to get the extra.